Monday, December 29, 2008

Remember me?.....

So a friend of mine reminded me of how long it has been since I last posted (thanks for calling me out, Jen).  I guess this off season has been off in more ways than one.  I've even sort of lost touch with my triathlon training partner (miss you Mimi).  So much just gets in the way of everyday.  There are so many things we want to accomplish and too little time in which to do it all.  I am usually the queen of prioritizing.  But things have gotten so mixed up in my head that I've almost forgotten how to prioritize.  And by mixed up, I simply mean that so much is trying to cram itself in there, that everything just gets pushed around.

Are you still with me?  I'm sure I've lost about 25% of anyone that may have been reading this, haha.  And for all you other "how many things can I put on my plate and still have a life" folks, thanks for sticking around.

I will probably be joining the many, many millions of other people that say "this new year, I'm gonna be more fit".  I promise Jen!!  I will be back in my tennis shoes in no time!  Just let me finish this last piece of chocolate cake..... and  ooh ooh!  Are those pumpkin muffins over there??!!  I can't just let that last lonely muffin sit there and not be enjoyed.  I mean I DO 
have a heart.

As for all you "really need a picture to make things interesting" folks, here is a shot of my babies:  
The suspense is almost too much to bear.....

Happy Training everyone!