Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My little casanova.....

Since I’m not much for talking about running since I’m not, well…………..running, then I will continue to talk about the main joy (or joys) in my life. And since the title of my blog is 50% about them, I guess it’s time to write about them for a little while. Hope you run-o-holics don’t mind too much.

It is amazing to see how much my boys have changed over the course of three years. Ethan was always the lovey dovey one, always needing to be held close and taken care of. And Chase was ..... well..... a bit of a "hands-off" kinda guy, with an independent spirit and autonomous will. But now Chase has transformed into this casanova of affection, constantly wanting a hug or just to sit with me. I totally love it, of course. I mean, how much longer will I get to enjoy this? At some point they are going to really push me away, as if in a "mom, you're embarassing me" kind of way. So for now, I'm loving every minute of it. And I have to tell you about Chase's latest "feel good" moment. Here's how the conversation went:

Chase runs over to me, I pick him up and he wraps his tiny little legs around me, places his hands on my face so sweetly.

I look him in the eyes, knowing that this fleeting moment will pass just as quickly as it came and I say "I love you Chase".

He looks me fondly in the eyes, not knowing just how blessed he makes me feel and he says, in his most sincere, precious voice, "I love toast".

Isn't he just so sweet??

Happy training everyone.

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Marcy said...

Awwwwwhhhhh how cute! Man it's crazy how fast they grow up *sniff*