Monday, January 19, 2009

Moving forward.....

There is a lot to be said about moving forward. So many of us seem to stand still in life and we fail to see the beauty of moving forward. I guess that is one of the issues I came to terms with regarding my separation. For so long, I thought I was doing the right thing by standing still. Then I realized that moving forward is not a failure on my part. It is an imperative step to living life.

Moving forward can apply in so many areas of our lives. Take running, for instance. Last year, I got stuck in a rut of running the same distances day in and day out. I finally realized that if I didn't move forward in my training, I would never..... well....... move forward. We are doing a good thing with our bodies by running everyday. But we are NOT doing a good thing in our training if we are not pushing ourselves further and moving forward from where we are right now. Because running 3 or 4 miles everyday is basically standing still.

So we should all get out there and move forward......emotionally and physically. Happy training everyone!


mrjwhit~ said...

I understand you 100%. Happy training to you as well.

Running along said...

That's interesting! I believe in moving forward but if I had to push myself to run more and more miles I would probably start to hate running.

For me 3 or 4 miles is quite an accomplishment, and I've found if I start pushing myself too much I start to dislike running.

I run to find peace of mind, and when I start running to get faster I can't find that, because I'm only thinking about getting faster.

I suppose for me moving forward it just that: moving forward.

Run Mommy said...

I agree with you. Without knowing your situation, it sounds like you are ready - as much as it might hurt a little. Good for you for making the tough choices. :)