Friday, April 3, 2009

Hello and goodbye, kinda.........

Nine months ago, I entered into this world of “blogging”. I had taken on a new challenge of becoming a triathlete while also playing the challenging role of mother to two 3 year olds. And I succeeded! I thought, what better way to document my journey than through a blog that others could follow. I knew that there were many other people in my same shoes….. beginning a new chapter in their lives…… taking on a challenge beyond their own imagination…….. re-defining who they wanted to be. If people read my blog, great! And if they didn’t, that was fine too. This was for me.

So I did it! I feverishly trained for six months. I educated myself on proper breathing, eating, stretching, transitioning, and recovery. I invested in numerous stylish tri-suits, a shiny new heart-rate monitor and mileage tracker, every gu, power bar, cliff bar, and luna bar you could imagine, and enough magazine subscriptions to provide my twins with years of fort building. And then, after six anxious months (and a nervous stomach), I became a triathlete! I was forever changed.

But even though my life had taken this wonderfully positive turn, other things in my life, beyond my control, were turning in a different direction. For those of you that have read my blogs and followed my journey, first off thank you, and second off, you know how the “other side” of my life has changed. Sometimes two people are better as friends than they are married. And that is what my husband and I finally discovered.

And with that said, I feel a strong desire to shift my journey telling from becoming a triathlete to becoming a single mother of twins.

So here I am, transitioning from one blog to another. I hope that my fellow tri / running peeps continue to follow me on my new blog, because I plan to continue my running and triathlon journey. I will just be taking the scenic route.

Love you all and happy training everyone!!!!

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Mel said...

Oh WOW...I need to catch up on your thanks I have a lot of reading material....and I forsure need to read, as I am kind of going through the same thank you for opening up...not just the good but the bad also...Ok off to read and I am sure more comments to come :)

Mel said...

Was thinking of you during a run session the other day.....Hope all is well and less stressful for you..are you still going to race this year?? hugs...