Monday, September 29, 2008

I hear you.......

There is logic in a well-oiled machine. Preparation is essential in our sport. Whether running, biking, swimming or all three, we have to be well prepared in order to gain any ground. And that preparation differs from person to person. Take me, for instance. If I go out to do a 6 or 7 mile run, I MUST make sure I have a water bottle and a power gel. Those are two things my body needs to not feel like death at the end of my run. A much more seasoned runner may not need either of those things for a short distance like that. Or they may need the same thing. It all depends on what their body is telling them. And in order to listen carefully at what our bodies are saying, we must listen over time. Our bodies do not jump right out there and say “Hey! I need blankety blankety blank for today’s run/bike/swim”. We have to give our bodies what we think they need and overtime, they will begin to tell us if we were right or we were wrong. I’m finally learning to listen very carefully to my body. And guess what? I hear it and it’s working!

On another note, I have to apologize for my rant last week about the “emergency kit” sign. I guess my drama got the best of me. Blame it on PMS. Blame it on having to work on a Saturday. Blame it on my own lack of gasoline and not really wanting to sit in the gas line. Either way, I will do my best to refrain from future “bitch” sessions.

On the mommy front, my boys got their first “real” bikes last night. And by the looks of their faces, you would have thought it was Christmas already! I sooooo wish I had my camera out right when they caught a glimpse of them.

Here is a pic of their evening sprints around the living room. I swear they did probably 100 laps between the living room and kitchen. By the way, those outfits are their DAILY attire. Ethan in the Spiderman suit and Chase in nothing but pull-ups and “big boy pants.” Everyday….. I kid you not.

Mimi and I are tapering this week. Our 2nd triathlon is Sunday. And it is a backwards event (run, bike, swim). Anyone done one of these? Your thoughts? I'm actually looking forward to mixing it up a little. Happy training everyone!!


Marcy said...

Lisa (Java Mom is Tri-ing) did one (reverse tri) not that long ago. She said it was a blast.

Don't sweat the B sessions. We all have them ;-)

Lily on the Road said...

what a great picture of the super hero's...tooooo cute!

I'm with Marcy ~ we ALL have them!