Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I cannot thank these people enough...

With my first event under my belt, I have to reflect on one of the most important aspects of my accomplishment....... and that is thanking the many people that made it possible.

First and foremost, I have to thank my husband.  With two young children, it is difficult, at best, to find the time to be able to train like you need to.  I have always supported his love of cycling and his need for the time to train and compete.  Now he has returned the favor by being there for me and allowing me to take all the time I needed to prepare for this life changing event.  Thank you Craig.

I also have to thank my dear friend Mimi.  Back in January she was talking about how she wanted to do something to try and get back in shape after having her second child.  She told me about this site she found: beginnertriathlete.com.  And that she was actually going to complete a triathlon!  Wow, I admired her.  I told her I was proud of her and that I wished I could do something like that.  After about two months, I finally said, what the heck!!!  What is stopping me from being able to do it.  So I signed up with her.  Thank you Mimi!

As silly as it sounds, I have to thank my boys, Chase and Ethan.  Even though they are only 2 and a half, and they probably don't totally understand what training and competing is, they are the reasons why I do most of what I do.  So, thank you boys!  I love you!

To all my friends and family for their words of encouragement, thank you.  It means so much to me to know that I have a circle of positive sunshine around me that is generated by the love and support you give.  

So, as promised to some of you, here are some pics.  Now, keep in mind that the camera DOES add 10 pounds, haha:


Mel said...

GOOD job to you....I am REALLY new to this tri stuff too....only 3 races so far,( 2 half ironmans and a sprint), but like you, I also needed something to get my fat butt in shape after the babies:) I love reading about other Mom's that are out doing triathlons it keeps me going so we can inspire each other :)

Jennifer Harrison said...

I HADDDD to check out your blog - once I saw the twins - It was a must! I am a triathlete and have twins as well. We have b/g twins, but I HEAR YOU on the training/sleeping/working and balancing it all with your husband (my husband races too). I have been doing this a very long time (15+ years), but it is a whold different ball game with the twins! CONGRATS ON YOUR RACE and amazing accomplishment!!! :) What is next for you?
Jen H.