Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mom's moment of pride....

I guess since the title of my site has a little to do with the kiddies, I should entertain you with my latest proud mommy moment.  So we are currently in the middle of potty training hell.  I hear all these stories from other moms that say "it was so easy......my child was trained in one day.......all you have to do is bride them.....", blah, blah, blah.  Give me a break!  You're all full of .....what I would like to end up on the actual potty and not on my floor.  Yes, I said floor.

Now that you have that wonderful image in your heads, I'll get the good part.  We decided along with the boys' teachers that we would start full potty training days at school this week.  So I dropped them off Monday morning, warning the teacher that they both had on their "big boy" pants and I loaded her down with extra clothes.  I told the boys all morning that if they did a good job at school with going to the potty and if they didn't have any accidents, then we would go get a prize afterwards.

So I'm sitting at work all day Monday wondering how those poor teachers are handling Chase giving them a smile while peeing in the floor or Ethan spending countless minutes sitting on the potty only to get up and poop in his pants.  Those poor girls.  

So I arrive at school at 4 pm.  One of the teachers was hanging something outside their class so I had a chance to talk her before the boys caught sight of me.  "Give me the good, the bad and the ugly" I said.  She replied with a huge smile and proceeded use words like "great" and "no accidents" and "they went on the potty all day".  What???!!!!  Do you remember who my kids are?  Have you been dealing with two year olds so much today that your  brain has warped into some sort of bizzarro world and you have no idea what you're talking about???  I'm sure the look of surprise on my face was priceless to her.  

So even though I was sooooo happy that they used the potty all day and had no accidents, at the same time, I was wondering what I had been doing wrong all this time.  I decided not to let it dampen my happiness.  I would figure that out another day.  Right now, all I needed to do was run into their classroom and give them both huge hugs and tell them how proud I was of them.  And they, too, were excited to tell me about their day.  They also wanted to make sure that I hadn't forgotten about the "prize" promise.  So off to Target we go!

You are probably assuming that "Mom's moment of pride..." has already been described for you......  WRONG!!!  I'm getting to that.

So I call Craig.  He meets us at Target on Northside and we head to the toy department (after a quick stop to the restroom, of course.  Need to make sure everyone is good to go).  Both boys are so excited as they peruse the wall of toys and play with each just a little to decide if it is something they want to take home.  There they are, browsing through the Handy Manny section, knowing that whatever they want is theirs.........  And then it happens..........Ethan stands still and proceeds to create this lovely yellow pool of relief right in the middle of the aisle! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!

So needless to say, my moment of pride came when I had say "Excuse me sir.  My son had an accident on your floor".


Steph Bachman said...

At least it wasn't poop! Right there with you on the potty train. Fell off yesterday but back on again today.

Chellie has Issues said...

:) I'm so sorry! One on=f mine came to get me the other day to show me their messy floor. I looked at all the toys and stuffed animals on the floor and said, "Yeah it's messy." Then he said, "Noah pee peed on da floor." Must have been marking his territory. They at least made it MOST of the day. Peer pressure could be helping them! I know I sure need help still in this department with 2 boys who will be 3 in November!

Anonymous said...

HA!!!!!!! Oh I so remember those days and my stress in Target. I PT them at 24 months so they were not in school yet, but man, it about drove me to the nut house for 4 months or so while they would just "PEE" sometimes in random places. HAHA! I am glad it is going so well....at least w/ the girls. good luck! Jen H. :)