Monday, August 18, 2008

Welcome back, me!

Yay! I am officially one week out from surgery and have the "ok" to start training again. Yippee! Distance does make the heart grow fonder. Of course, the minute I'm out on my usual running course, I'll be saying.... "I missed this???!!" I kid.....

Anyway, I'm sitting here (at work, oops) thinking about how happy I am when I run. I went to lunch with a girlfriend of mine today who is going through some difficult personal issues and I started ranting and raving about how wonderful running is. What??? When did I become this "running" advocate??? In school, I used to hate running, and yet I joined the track team, uh???? Makes sense right?? I guess it goes back to what I talked about earlier how training for a triathlon is so torturous sometimes, yet we keep doing it. (it's almost like that boyfriend we had in high school who acted like he could care less about us, but we kept going back for more, sad, but true - you know who you are - we ALL did it!)

And here we are pushing ourselves onto that unforgiving state of pain (once again).....the swim does scare us and the bike does hurt us and the run does numb us. Except with this, we emerge with our dignity and pride completely in tact. As a matter of fact, our dignity and our pride have been lifted to a higher place because we endured this.

So back to the "running advocate"..... I'm glad that I had a chance to talk to her about how much I enjoy running and training (even though I hate swimming, but hope for that to change one day). I was glad to hear her enthusiasm as she asked me more questions about it. I just hope that she can find her "release". She wants to get in better shape and I told her that not only was this a great way, but it was also a great "release" especially for someone going through what she is going through.

So, cheers to me! (big on myself huh?? haha) I'm back in training mode as of around 7 pm tonight. I'm so excited, I'm giddy.... just like that high school girl about to go out with "that jerk again".


Anonymous said...

Isn't that THE truth! Love it! :) I hope your friend is doing ok - maybe some running would help her clear her head, eh? :) Hope your run tonight went great! Jen H.

Anonymous said...

Raina is Preaching the Gospel of Running!

Spread the word! It will change your life!

Chellie has Issues said...

I just found your blog and love that you are a twin mommy who is also an athlete. I find I hhave to run in the am before they wake up or it won't get finished. I too used to hate running and now I LOVE a nice sweaty run.